A Charming White

Andalusian Village

Some places never seem to change. Places like Casares in the south of Spain. Although the world-famous and bustling tourist resort Costa del Sol is less than 15 kilometers away, the small Andalusian village Casares has almost not changed at all for decades. Not even during the big tourist boom on Costa del Sol.

A day trip to Casares

Casares is located only minutes from Costa del Sol and is surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. The village Casares is very close to Manilva and Estepona and from the sunny beaches on Costa del Sol. But Casares still remains as a typical south Spanish mountain village with a very relaxed atmosphere, absolutely stunning views and pretty Andalusian narrow streets climbing up between the white houses. Like a typical postcard from a lost village in the mountains in southern Spain: That is Casares!

A historical city

The city of Casares has been considered a Historic-Artistic village since 1978. Casares is one of the best-conserved mountain villages in Andalusia. 

The traditional white houses offer views and scenery of the traditional villages in the south of Spain. About 3000 inhabitants are living in Casares today.

The small town is rich in history: Casares is well worth a pleasant half-day excursion. Some claim that the city was founded by Julius Caesar, but it is not proven. What is certain is that the coins were made in Casares during the Roman Empire.

Worth to visit in Casares

The Church La Encarnación was built in the 15 century. It is well worth a visit. As is the chapel dating from the same period. Small restaurants in traditional Spanish style, with friendly prices, are easy to find in Casares.

Take pictures

The camera is absolutely a must when you visit Casares. Casares on Costa del Sol is a good place for photography. Nowhere else is it so easy to take the best pictures of the typical Andalusian white mountain villages and typical Andalusian houses.

In Casares, you can see the ruins of an Arab castle and the Roman baths that were built to enjoy the therapeutic properties of the village’s spring waters. They are said to be medicinal and healing.  

Casares is maybe not a very famous place to visit, and remains unknown to most visitors to Costa del Sol and remains mostly unspoiled. But Casares is actually starting to become more and more popular among tourists and also among property buyers looking for authentic Spanish life and reasonable property prices on Costa del Sol.

Casares used to be only a day trip to a typical Spanish village from the tourist cities along Costa del Sol. Today the area around Casares is attractive among property buyers looking for a quiet residential area, and reasonable property prices in areas close to Gibraltar, Estepona, Marbella and other locations on Costa del Sol.

In fact, the booming property development in Benahavis, Estepona, Manilva and Casares really has changed the concept of Property on Costa del Sol in the last few years. Now you do not need to invest a fortune to buy a second home in Spain: Just look around and take your time to visit Benahavis, Estepona, Manilva and Casares, instead of concentrating all your energy looking for a property bargain in the most well-known areas on Costa del Sol.

Nice restaurants in Casares

Sarmiento and Arroyo Hondo are nice places for lunch or dinner after visiting Casares. Both serve delicious food.



From Quartiers Apartments you drive to Casares in 30 minutes. 





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