Fairs and festivals on Costa del Sol

Spain is a very festive country that loves celebrations. Most villages, towns and cities in Spain celebrate a local yearly event to honour their saint. There are plenty of other amusing festivals along the Costa del Sol every year.

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The best beach clubs in Marbella

Are you longing to hang out on the beach clubs in Marbella? Come stay with us at Quartiers Apartments and enjoy sunny days on some of the best Beach Clubs on the Costa del Sol. The number of beach clubs in the area is large enough to choose a different one every day. Keep reading and discover some that are only a short drive away from us.

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El Rocío and Doñana Natural Park

El Rocío is the most famous pilgrimage in Spain, and it is an unforgettable experience. The El Rocio pilgrimage is a religious celebration. It is dedicated entirely to the Virgin of El Rocío, although it has changed a lot over the years. The Rocio pilgrimage takes place in a beautiful environment, surrounded by unique nature.

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A Day Trip to Tangier

When you discover the views from the terrace of your apartment at Quartiers Marbella Apartments, you will realise how close you are to Africa. You can actually see the Moroccan coast on the horizon. The fact is that only 17 kilometres separate the southernmost point of Spain from the North African coast in Morocco.

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“Pescaito Frito” – Fried Fish

Andalusian Pescaíto Frito is one of the most common ways of eating fish in Andalusia in Southern Spain. It may seem hard to prepare, but it is not the case. All you need is a variety of quality fish, flour, salt and olive oil.

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Spanish cheeses are among the most highly prized cheeses in the world. In Spain, there are up to 30 protected designations of origin. Even so, Spanish cheese is not very well known outside the country's borders.



The southern Spanish city Seville has inspired travellers for centuries. The beauty and charm of Seville is a blend of flamenco culture, traditions, history, festivals and south Spanish lifestyle. The legacy of Moorish and Christian architecture, the myths of Carmen and Don Juan, flamenco music, its incomparable fiestas, the brilliant sunshine and magic light and its inhabitants that really know how to enjoy life.


Spanish Tapas

Spanish tapas are a part of Spanish culture and lifestyle. Everywhere you go in Spain, you will find bars and restaurants serving tapas: Small delicious plates of hot or cold food. Tapas is essentially a style of eating and socializing rather than a form of cooking.

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Some places never seem to change. Places like Casares in the south of Spain. Although the world-famous and bustling tourist resort Costa del Sol is less than 15 kilometers away, the small Andalusian village Casares has almost not changed at all for decades. Not even during the big tourist boom on Costa del Sol.


Spanish wine

The most famous Spanish red wines are, without a doubt, the ones from La Rioja, but Rioja Brand Wines are not all that the sunny Spanish wine yards have to offer. One example is the Spanish wine-growing region Ribera del Duero. The Spanish wine region Ribera del Duero is offering some of the very best red wines in the world.

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