Golf Season starts on the Costa del Sol

Summer is coming to its end in northern Europe, But the weather on Costa del Sol is still warm and pleasant. When the summer heat is behind us, it’s time to golf again. Whatever your level, Andalusia is the ideal place, not only for its mild climate but also for the quality and number of courses adapted to all types of handicaps.

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Visit Júzcar – The Smurf Village

Did you know that there is a real smurf town? The village name is Juzcar. It is not far from Quartiers Apartments. Júzcar is one of the most charming villages in Malaga and a fun visit when you are staying at the Costa del Sol.

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Marbella: The Most Exclusive and Prestigious city in Europe

Marbella has achieved recognition as the Most Exclusive and Prestigious city of the 20 finalists in the "European Best Destinations" web contest. Marbella came second as the Best European Destination, with 61,401 votes, behind Ljubljana (Slovenia).

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Sun and fun with kids on the Costa del Sol

If you are thinking of family holidays on the Costa del Sol, look no further; come stay at Quartiers Apartments. When you travel with children a standard hotel room is not enough, you need two or three bedrooms. That is what you will have while staying with us. When your baby needs a nap, your fully equipped apartment is right there, and you can relax in the sun, or the shade, on the terrace of your apartment!

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The best rooftop bars in Marbella

Spending a warm summer evening at a rooftop bar is a pleasure. After a sunny day at the beach or the pool, it is a great idea to dress up and look for a rooftop bar. There are several of them in Puerto Banus, Marbella, San Pedro Alcantara and Estepona.

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Michelin restaurants in Marbella

The Michelin Guide 2022 includes several Michelin awarded restaurants in Marbella. Some have been awarded Michelin stars, and others are recommended. Continue reading and discover some of the best culinary experiences in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol.

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Summer on Costa del Sol

Summer has arrived in Marbella and on Costa del Sol. At Quartiers Apartments, Puerto Banus and surrounding areas we are ready to receive the sunny season, the tourists and travellers who long to spend their summer holidays on Costa del Sol.

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Surfing Costa del Sol

When you stay at Quartiers Apartments, you find several good beaches for surfing close by, in Marbella, San Pedro Alcántara and Estepona. These beaches offer perfect conditions and waves for beginners, surfers whose technique is more advanced, and also for experts on windy days.

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Fairs and festivals on Costa del Sol

Spain is a very festive country that loves celebrations. Most villages, towns and cities in Spain celebrate a local yearly event to honour their saint. There are plenty of other amusing festivals along the Costa del Sol every year.

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