Celebrate the Summer

with Cava!

If we say Spanish Cava, party and New Year’s celebrations are likely to come to mind. And if you love champagne and sparkling wines, you’ll want to know that Cava isn’t just for toasting on special occasions. Below you can read our best cava and food pairing tips to enjoy it with any meal. Bring sparkling bubbles to your table!

Cheers in Cava


Have you ever wondered how to enjoy cava wines and at the same time combine their flavour with different dishes?

The versatility of Spanish cava wines makes it an ideal complement to enhance flavours, no doubt about that. The acidity, freshness and carbonic character of the sparkling cava wine make it possible to match the four basic tastes: bitter, sweet, salty and acid. We will not talk about the fifth “basic” taste, umami. You only have to choose the right cava to pair with each dish.

Cavaon table


  • Salty and high-fat dishes: Dry Cava, such as Brut Nature and Extra Brut
  • Sour and acidic recipes: Brut and Extra dry Cava wine.
  • Hot and spicy dishes: Gran Reserva.
  • Soft and light recipes: Young and Reserva sparkling wine
  • Salads: Brut and Brut Reserva.
  • Seafood, oysters, ham, canapes, cheese and many other appetizers pair well with Cava Brut.
  • Sweet dishes and desserts: Semi-dry and Sweet Cava. Rosé Cava.

It is all about trying – Pairing food with the right beverage to enhance the pleasure of eating it.

Quartiers Cava


We offer our very own Cava, Brut Nature Reserva, made with the traditional method. It’s fresh and crisp with fruity notes of citrus, green apples and pastry. It’s very well-balanced with fine acidity which makes it food friendly. Don’t miss to try Quartiers Cava when you stay with us.


Here are some hints to start experiencing a new world of sensations and to pair food with Spanish Cava wine:

Rice dishes, especially paellas are perfectly served with Cava Brut or Brut Reserva. The acidity of these sparkling wines enhances the culinary experience to new levels.

Fish and shellfish find a perfect match with a Brut Nature or Reserva.

Meat; Serving lamb dishes, stews, foie gras and grilled meat with a Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva is always a wise decision. The acidity of the Cava and its bubbles, in contrast to the consistent sensation of the fats in meat dishes, refreshes and cleans the mouth and invites you to continue enjoying the food.

Cheese and ham are often served with red wine. It is surprising to discover what a sheep cheese or an Iberian ham tastes like accompanied by sparkling cava bubbles. Soft cheese tastes good when eaten with something sweet, like grapes. A Spanish proverb says: “Uvas y Queso Saben a Beso”. This means that grapes and cheese eaten together taste just like a kiss. Hard or mature cheese, and salty Spanish ham, on the other hand, combines perfectly with dry Spanish Cava.

And nothing like finishing a good meal with a cava, accompanied by something sweet, like chocolate. For sweets, always choose a Semi-dry or Sweet Cava.

Sangria Cava

Recipe: A luxury sangria with Spanish Cava

Have you ever tried a sangria made with sparkling Cava? It is a fresh and fruity drink. Try this recipe!


  • Four oranges and two lemons, (or the juice of both).
  • One bottle of Cava.
  • Peach, kiwi, apple, pear, strawberries or any other fruit you like.
  • Sugar to taste.
  • Cognac and / or Cointreau (optional).
  • Ice

Squeeze the oranges and the lemons. Cut the rest of the fruit into small dice. Then mix the fruit with the sugar, the juice and liquor. Cool the mixture in the fridge for a few hours. Add the ice and the (CONTENT OF :)), the Cava bottle right before serving, but without stirring, to avoid the bubbles from disappearing. Enjoy any day, any time!





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