Impress with yummy cocktails


In summer, there is nothing like spending late warm evenings on the terrace, sipping on a drink. Surprise your friends, or family with some delicious cocktails and enjoy the view of Mediterranean sunsets from the terrace in your holiday apartment at Quartiers Marbella

Exotic cocktails always guarantee the success of any gathering or event.

There is something magic and elegant about cocktails. Lately, everyone just seems to drink gin & tonic, but summer and vacations are for fun and pleasure, so why not try to mix some of these easy and tasty cocktails yourself. To make the event perfect, serve some tapas too.

All cocktails can be mixed with fresh fruit. Try adding strawberries, melon, cherries or pomegranate. Delicious! 


Originally from New Orleans, this exotic combination of white rum, dark rum, passion fruit juice, lime and crushed ice tastes like a hurricane in the mouth. Serve it with an orange slice. If you can’t find passion fruit juice just change it for orange, peach or pineapple juice.


Ernest Hemingway used to say: “My mojito in La Bodeguita, my Daiquiri in La Floridita”. A daiquiri is the exquisite mixture of white rum, lemon juice and sugar. Mix crushed ice with the rest of the ingredients and serve it very cold. And, if you want to make it even more exotic, change the lemon for grapefruit.


What happened to the good old piña colada, where did it go? The classic Caribbean cocktail used to be a holiday favourite, always served with a small paper umbrella. Piña colada is easy to make and its irresistible tropical flavour is perfect in summer. The recipe includes white rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice. Easy as can be. Don’t forget to add a slice of pineapple, and a cocktail umbrella, if you have one.


This french recipe might be the simplest cocktail ever created, but still very refreshing and chic. Combine equal parts of champagne, or Spanish Cava, and orange juice in a champagne flute. Voliá! You have made a mimosa. It’s a great choice if you don´t want to drink too much alcohol.


Crazy coconut sounds fun, right? The combination of rum, vodka, tequila, lemon juice and coconut cream is explosive. The original Mexican recipe is a little bit different and includes Oaxacan mezcal, milk and coconut water.


All you need is tequila, orange juice and grenadine to make one of the most classic summer cocktails; Tequila Sunrise. The original recipe is made with tequila, crème de cassis, lime juice and sparkling water. The easy way to make it is with tequila, orange juice and grenadine. Serve it with lots of ice.


A classic Manhattan cocktail is not soft and fruity, its quite strong. Mix two parts of rye whiskey with one part of sweet vermouth, add two dashes of angostura and stir with ice.


Negroni is a very popular cocktail, and it is easy to make. Poor equal parts of Gin, Campari and Vermouth Rosso on ice. Garnish with orange peel. The result is a perfect cocktail, it is sweet, bitter, dry, and refreshing at the same time. Some people like to add some soda also.


Everyone has heard of the cocktail, Margarita. But, have you ever tried a real one? Mix two parts of silver tequila, 1 part of Cointreau and one part of lime juice. Rub the edges of the glass with lime and then dip in salt so you get a salt rim around the glass. The result has nothing to do with the sweet ready-made mixes that are sold in the supermarkets.


Does Martini come in a bottle ready to serve? Yes and no. You can buy a bottle of Martini, but if you want to try a real dry martini, you will have to mix it yourself. Mix 3 parts of gin, or vodka, with 5 parts of dry vermouth. Add an olive or a little lemon zest and the drink is ready. If you want it dirty, add some liquid from the olive can.

If you want a drink, but forgot to buy what you need to do it yourself, you can come to our kiosk by the heated swimming pool. We serve delicious mojitos, cold beer, frappés, snacks and light meals. 

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