Get the most of your fantastic terrace 


There are so many things to do and see on Costa del Sol. Golf, beaches, restaurants, entertainment, and a long etc. But while staying with us at Quartiers Marbella Apartments, you will for sure also want to enjoy the magnificent views from the terrace of your apartment, not to mention the breathtaking sunsets. Can you imagine a better occasion for a glass of wine or a beer and some Spanish tapas

As you are away from home to relax, you will probably not want to spend hours in the kitchen. And there is no need to do so. There are lots of tapas goodies you can buy in the Spanish supermarkets that are ready to serve. 

Delicious tapas to fill in the fridge in your apartment at Quartiers


Spanish olives are well known, but the good ones are not sold in cans. Try the real stuff, “Aceitunas Aliñadas”, “Aceitunas Gazpachas” and the giant variety “Gordales”. Another option is to buy the olives by the weight, on the local markets. The number of varieties they have to offer is huge, and you can try the different seasonings before you buy. 


The Spanish potato omelette is a classic tapa. You can find it ready-made in all supermarkets, with or without onion. The omelette is eaten cold, often with bread. Just open and serve.


Spanish ham is something everyone loves. Iberian ham is a classic of Spanish tapas and Spanish gastronomy in general. There are different varieties, the most prestigious being the well-known black leg ham “Pata Negra“, which comes from the Iberian pig fed with acorns. This variant of ham is considered a gastronomic luxury and it is used in gourmet cuisine. The difference between the more humble “Jamón Serrano” ham and the prestigious “Ibérico” ham is big; both in taste and price. Even so, the cheaper options are very tasty.


Lomo embuchado” and “chorizo” are best friends. “Chorizo” is a variety of heavily seasoned, cured sausage. As a tapa, “chorizo” can be served cold, cut in thin slices, or fried. “Lomo embuchado” is a delicious cured tenderloin.


Spain’s most famous cheese is with no doubt “queso manchego”. It is a hard cheese, made from sheep’s milk. The mature and strongest tasting option is “Manchego Viejo“, and then you have “Curado” and “Semi-curado“. The “Manchego” cheese is absolutely the best tapa you can find to accompany a good red wine. Keep in mind that it should never be eaten cold if you want to enjoy the full taste.


Andalusian “gazpacho” is a cold soup made with crushed tomatoes and vegetables, olive oil and vinegar. Among the ingredients, you can find cucumber, pepper, onion and garlic. It is a typical Andalusian dish, hence its name, which is eaten especially in summer. In the supermarkets, you can find it refrigerated and ready to serve.


Boquerones en Vinagre” are pickled anchovies, a typical tapa, especially in southern Spain. The anchovies are marinated in white wine vinegar and served with olive oil, garlic and parsley.


Creamy “Ensaladilla Rusa“, or Russian salad, is a very typical tapa dish in Spain. As the name indicates, it has its origins in Russia where the ingredients include meat. The Spanish recipe does not include meat, and it is something like a national dish served in every tapas bar you can find in Spain. The main ingredients are potatoes, carrots, peas and mayonnaise. Tuna is often added too.


Boiled tiger prawns are another easy tapa that you can buy ready-to-eat in all Spanish supermarkets. They are sold both fresh and deep-frozen. Remember that seafood and cava are a perfect combination.

If you want a drink and a bite daytime, you can visit our kiosk by the pool. We serve light meals, drinks, ice cream and coffee all day in a relaxed atmosphere. We also have a mini-shop in the reception, where you can find a selection of products. You can also borrow one of our board games and have fun with your friends and family!

Are you ready to kick back and relax on the terrace in your holiday apartment in Hacienda del Señorio de Cifuentes?


Choose between our three different layouts, classic or premium apartments. All apartments have large outdoor area with spectacular sea views and room for everyone.

2-bed apartment


Well-planned two-bedroom apartments. Perfect for smaller families with children. Located on ground level and first floor.


3-bed apartment


Spacious corner aparments with three bedrooms. Two generous proportioned outdoor areas on each side of the apartment, perfect space for business and time on your own.


2-bed penthouse


Exclusive apartment on top floor with large outdoor areas and stunning 360-view of the mountains, ocean and the sunset. Perfect for those who want extra luxury, morning to night.