Be the happiest you


The Danish people are said to be happiest in the world. You might have heard of the, no longer secret, concept to happiness. It’s called ”HYGGE”. The Scandinavian concept has become a world sensation that everyone is talking about.

What is ”hygge”?

The concept “hygge” is hard to translate. It is wellbeing, cosiness, having fun and enjoying life, all at the same time. You can’t touch ”hygge”, and you can’t see it. It is something you can feel. Although, what you see and nice things you can touch can contribute to creating that ”hygge feeling”.

Some people believe that ”hygge” is reading a book under a soft blanket, or a Christmas feeling. Both can be ”hygge”, of course, but there is much more to the concept. 

Let us explain, having a beer in a dull bar is not ”hygge”. Having a beer in the kiosk, by the heated pool in our gardens, that is HYGGE. Watching a sunset from the terrace of your apartment at Quartiers Marbella is very ”hygge”.

Spending time with family and friends is important. When you can do that in a modern, Nordic design style decorated holiday apartments, with all amenities you might need, right in the heart of Costa del Sol, then you have found the right place to discover the Danish concept. Quartiers Marbella Apartments is all about hygge and well-being.

We have taken care of every detail, to create an environment where enjoying life is the centre point. We always strive to create a cosy but elegant environment with a pleasant atmosphere. Come and sit down with family and friends, enjoy a glass of wine, or a beer, as well as some snacks from the bar by the pool. This is Costa del Sol.

Enjoy beautiful evenings on the terrace. Take a walk in our tropical gardens and discover our cascade and the fish-pond. Relax in the shade of a palm tree, or take a nap in the sunshine.

And what is the Danish concept ”pyt”?

We all know that life is not always perfect. If you drop the toast it might land butter-side down. The Danes have the solution to not letting things like that disturb their ”hygge”. The concept is ”PYT”. Thai people would say ”Mai pen rai”. It is similar to ”never mind”, but much more positive. It’s to accept that something annoying happened, without letting it annoy you and staying in a positive mood instead.

”Pyt” is a reaction to everyday hassle. If something negative happens, just think that things happen, but small fuss should not ruin your day. You can also use ”pyt” to comfort other people, and help them to stop wasting energy in unfortunate situations.

Most Spanish people have no skill at all for ”pyt”, at least not at first glance. They usually spend a moment ”speaking french” when something goes wrong. The good thing is that seconds after that, they assume that things happen, and just forget about it. It is like a Spanish kind of ”pyt”, letting the negative reaction out in a moment, and quickly return to a positive state of mind.

Are you ready to enjoy a vacation of ”hygge” at Quartiers Marbella Apartments and Costa del Sol?

We look forward to welcoming you.


Choose between our three different layouts, classic or premium apartments. All apartments have large outdoor area with spectacular sea views and room for everyone.

2-bed apartment


Well-planned two-bedroom apartments. Perfect for smaller families with children. Located on ground level and first floor.


3-bed apartment


Spacious corner aparments with three bedrooms. Two generous proportioned outdoor areas on each side of the apartment, perfect space for business and time on your own.


2-bed penthouse


Exclusive apartment on top floor with large outdoor areas and stunning 360-view of the mountains, ocean and the sunset. Perfect for those who want extra luxury, morning to night.