Spanish Tapas

Spanish tapas are a part of Spanish culture and lifestyle. Everywhere you go in Spain, you will find bars and restaurants serving tapas: Small delicious plates of hot or cold food. Tapas is essentially a style of eating and socializing rather than a form of cooking.

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Some places never seem to change. Places like Casares in the south of Spain. Although the world-famous and bustling tourist resort Costa del Sol is less than 15 kilometers away, the small Andalusian village Casares has almost not changed at all for decades. Not even during the big tourist boom on Costa del Sol.


Spanish wine

The most famous Spanish red wines are, without a doubt, the ones from La Rioja, but Rioja Brand Wines are not all that the sunny Spanish wine yards have to offer. One example is the Spanish wine-growing region Ribera del Duero. The Spanish wine region Ribera del Duero is offering some of the very best red wines in the world.

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Easter in Spain

Easter, or as called in Spain, The Holy Week, is a religious catholic celebration all over the country. The most well-known events are celebrated in Seville, Granada and Malaga. In fact, Easter or Holy Week is celebrated throughout all of Spain.

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Spring is in the air on Costa del Sol!

Although the winter is very mild and pleasant on the Costa del Sol, there is something special in the air when spring arrives. When February ends, the whole area wakes up again, and the terraces fill up with people.

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Day trips and excursions on Costa del Sol

There are so many places worth visiting around the Costa del Sol when you stay at Quartiers Apartments. Most of them are within less than one or two hours away. The easiest way to make excursions is by driving yourself.

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Events on Costa del Sol 2022

Are you visiting the Costa del Sol in 2022 and looking for events and fun? Here we tell you about what not to miss in and around Marbella this year.

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Golf deals on Costa del Sol

If you love golf, now is the time to book your next trip to Costa del Sol. If you’re not familiar with the area, don’t worry; we have some tips that will make it easier to decide which golf course you should play and what green fee package might be right for you. Best of all, our accommodation staff at Quartiers Marbella Apartments are on hand to give you personal advice on the best deals in town, so they’ll do all the hard work while you enjoy playing some of the best courses in Spain. If you fancy trying something different, then here are many ways to make your trip extra special...

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Christmas in Spain is full of traditions, deeply rooted and passed down from generation to generation. This year, in times of coronavirus, some of them will have to be adapted, but, we can think of many alternatives to enjoy a different and unforgettable Christmas.

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